Voort Chrysanten - Jaarrond Chrysanten teelt

About the Company Voort Chrysanthemums

At Voort Chrysanten, every day is dedicated to chrysanthemums. All year long, we supply these wonderful natural products - around 10 million stems of spray and disbudded chrysanthemum a year - that are grown at our two locations. We specialise in well developed, heavy, uniform flowers for the
Eastern European market. Our buyers can rely on us for chrysanthemums of consistent, guaranteed quality. For you, our location close to the FloraHolland auction means quick deliveries, thereby giving you the guarantee of a fresh product. Typical of a true family business are Voort Chrysanten’s intense involvement, short lines of communication and high level of reliability. Since we have been growing
chrysanthemums since 1974, we have accumulated extensive experience these past decades. The current owners are Arjan and Richard van der Voort.

Voort Chrysanthemums is a year round chrysanthemum grower. For more than 40 years the family Van der Voort has been active in the floriculture. Aad van der Voort started on a piece of ground of his father. During these 40 years, two sons were added the company, Richard and Arjan. In 2001, they founded the Company R&A Van der Voort. Originally Aad van der Voort started with the cultivation of carnations, but in 1975 he switched to the cultivation of Chrysanthemums.

Nowadays the company has a total surface of 36.000 square meters on two locations, where on a yearly basis 10.000 stems of spray chrysanthemum are being cultivated. We cultivate the variety PIP, VIP, Zembla.

Richard en Arjan v.d. Voort both come from a special family full of entrepreneurials. You can read the whole article in the Nyenrode. >>